I am a “perfect size 18” as I tell my friends, and often find regular pads bunch up (not to mention that sticky glue on the back getting stuck in all the wrong places! Can you promise that I will be more comfortable switching to your pads?

We agree, nothing is worse than a bunched up wad of synthetic pads chafing your most vulnerable parts! One of the greatest things about Wemoon pads is that the natural fabrics maintain the shape of the pad and are so soft and comfortable. Most of our larger and taller customers choose Slims in medium or large, depending on their preferred length from back to front of the crotch area. We call our regular flow pad Slims because of the slimness of their design—not because they are “skinny or skimpy”! We also recommend the Maxi which has the extra length of a Slim pad in large. Maxi is good choice for heavier days, its double absorbency core definitely won’t bunch up and it is a “perfect fit” for “perfect-sized” larger women!

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