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Testimonials about Wemoon cloth menstrual pads

Dear Susan, I’ve been using your excellent pads for more than a year, day & night, for slight incontinence: they stand up to daily washing and drying, with no sign of wearing out.
The material is gentle on fragile skin, and I felt like expressing my appreciation for something that is so good, it’s almost taken for granted! Thanks for such an excellent product. Margaret T, Australia

Hi Wemoon, I have just come back to order some more of your wonderful pads after trying period underwear (as I’d been hearing so much about them!). I bought my original Wemoon pads many years ago and I must say period underwear didn’t really measure up to your great product in my opinion. The period underwear was more expensive, harder to clean (no soaking allowed – so what to do with them between wearing, rinsing and washing?)) took longer to dry and began to develop a musty smell (even when vinegar-ed and sunned for days) . Wemoon pads are the easiest and best – super easy soaking (with my Wemoon bag and jar) and laundering – they are lightweight and always feel fresh. I highly recommend your pads as the best option to anyone contemplating the move away from disposable menstrual products! Thanks from a happy returning customer 🙂 Kim H Australia

Just some feedback from a grateful customer. I am an older woman and have had issues with incontinence for quite some time. Since buying  Wemoon pads some months ago, I no longer have the rashes the disposable pads used to give me.
Thank you. Maureen H, Australia

I feel independent and empowered. I’m saving money. They’re soft and pretty and easy to clean.
Lianne Simons, Life Coach, Australia

I had very bad PMS, but since I have used your pads, it has incredibly disappeared. I am now really happy to welcome my period.
Hitomi K, Japan

Thank you for Wemoon pads! I have recommended them to all my girlfriends, and I’m definitely going to get some more. They don’t leak… EVER. It’s amazing and wonderful. Thank you also for making them in organic cotton. You’re doing such a great thing… helping women to make an environmentally friendly choice about how they manage their menstrual cycle. With many thanks from your 110% satisfied customer,
Taylor S, Australia

First bought from you five years ago … am only now replacing pads I’ve used every month since then. You gals are the best!
Natahl, Australia

I tried Wemoon for environmental reasons, but I didn’t expect them to be so much more comfortable than throwaways — thank you! And the wings are perfect; Wemoon pads are definitely the best pads I’ve ever tried.
Kay K, Germany

They let your skin breathe and I like not hearing the sound of plastic crinkling as I walk.
G.J. 12 year old Student, Australia

… absolutely loved them. They were just the right length, didn’t bunch or slip, didn’t leak, and didn’t stick to my skin or cause itching like the (disposables) I’ve been using.
Aji L-K, California USA

I have been using your pads for about 3 years now.
What you are doing is wonderful and your product is perfect. I like so much that the pads have lasted me for years. You have really made something of quality.
I looooooove them and I appreciate you so much for your understanding and genius.
I mean I feel so happy when I use your pads………….
PLEASE keep true.
Blessings to you.
Rebeka, Japan

Your beautiful pads not only help me save the environment – they are also comfortable and convenient, but most importantly, they changed my attitude of hating my period, and made me realise that the blood was not a dirty thing to be ashamed of…..in fact it was something to celebrate.
Tahne B, Australia

Just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into your company. I started using your “jaguar” print pad a year or so ago. I am ordering some more today. What a wonderful way to celebrate who I am as a woman. I am trying so hard to reclaim and celebrate my power, wisdom and miracle of being a woman, and your company is part of that journey for me. So thank you.
Jennifer G

My daughter uses moon pads and is a big fan. I now need them for spotting as I’m going through menopause. but I think they will be much better than disposable liners – for me and for the planet! Thank you for doing this.
Denise, Australia

I so look forward to the beautiful moon pads for my next moon time. Thank you for making them. They are lovely.
Mary O, USA

I live in Japan.
The other day, I bought your products by chance on the net shop in Australia. I’m really pleased with the cute and pretty patterns. It was a little depression for me to have my period. But since when I began to use WEMOON, I didn’t feel like that. Your products are so wonderful!!
I also have a daughter. She is 14 years old. And I think that I ‘m going to recommend her to use WEMOON.
I’ll buy more WEMOON soon.
Akemi, Japan

I’ve just tried the pads that I’ve got the other day; I absolutely love them! Easy to clean, very absorbent. I like the design too; so slim like disposable but still absorb well. Thanks a lot!
Tomoe, USA

My friend in Japan loves your products!!!
Now I am introducing this to my American friends and myself! Exciting!!!
Please send them asap, the time is coming soon!
Masami, USA

Recommended by my acupuncturist, I have some Wemoon pads already and love them!
Kayty, Australia

Your pads saved me! Thank you so much!
Mariko, Japan

Found you on Google search, your site appealed more to the feminine than others, and prices reasonable. First time using your pads!!
Hayley, Australia

What a fantastic product! I bought a few to try last month and could not believe the difference. Wemoon made my time of the month special, not something to be ashamed of like it is with disposables. You’ve got a fantastic product here.
Tara, Australia

Tried them & LOVED them!! So comfortable! The lights/liners are so good!
Bridget, Australia

It really never leaks!
Website feedback

Since using Wemoon the duration of my period went from 5-6 days to about 2 days! Then, when I didn’t use them my period took about 4 days.
Nina P, Germany

I never want to use paper pads again! NEVER! This Christmas holidays been very hot, but with Wemoon pads, my last week’s been very pleasant!
Misaku M, Japan

…I have found my menstrual flow has decreased…more comfortable…actually enjoy this time each month…fabulous fertiliser to feed the ground that feeds me…connecting with nature on a nurturing level…’Extremely Satisfied Customer’
Vanessa F, Australia

These wonderful Wemoon menstrual pads make me feel special; they help me to honour my womanhood, and, just as importantly, Mother Earth. I thought they would take a lot of getting used to, but from the very first time they were comfortable. Thank you.
Krishna M, Australia

They are gorgeous, environmentally friendly, comfy and secure, good for the garden (nutritious soaking water) and make great presents.
Rae W, Computer Consultant, Australia

Makes my life smoother every month.
Aimee, Student, Australia

The Wemoon pads have changed the way I feel about the onset of my period. I now feel more a sense of welcome than negative resignation. The pads are of various colours and patterns, so I can choose to suit my mood. They are more comfortable to wear than disposable pads and don’t leak. The ritual of disposal also give this ‘period’ of the month an ending. I enjoy diluting the contents of the jar and giving my blood back to the earth; playing earth mother to my favourite plants and trees.”
Janet M. QLD Australia

I really love the Wemoon pads, they are so beautiful and so so efficient. After years of using red flannels it is so nice to have pads that don’t slip, and look so cute hanging on the line! Feminine knowledge and wisdom brought into current time.
Kalina Rose, ‘Rose of Raphael’ Australia

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