Wemoon for Incontinence

Wemoon for Incontinence

I sometimes suffer from rather embarrassing urine leakage when I exert myself unexpectedly and I was wondering whether I could use Wemoon pads for this problem?

Urinary stress incontinence is one of those ‘personal’ problems that women rarely talk about believing that it only happens to a few women or is just an unavoidable part of getting older. However nearly one in five women over 18 lose urine when they laugh, cough, sneeze or over-exert themselves. And once you’ve had a baby the likelihood goes up to one in three! 

Naturally there’s a booming market in disposable continence products that’s adding to our waste mountain. At Wemoon we offer a range of comfortable, attractive, reusable alternatives.

Wemoon’s range of pads offer a perfect solution to unexpected and embarrassing leaking, comfy cloth pads that fit into your own snug fitting underwear with the reassurance of our special leak-proof layer. And our padded lingerie—Nightsmake perfect washable incontinence underwear.

Which of your pads would be suitable for incontinence use?

For occasional and very mild incontinence we recommend our version of a panty liner—Wemoon Lights. For light leakage problems, for instance when playing sport or when the winter coughs and sneezes come around you can choose Slims in a range of gorgeous colours and patterns. For moderate or heavier stress incontinence our Maxis have a fabulous double absorbent core and for ultra confidence you can choose from our feminine and colourful range of Nights lingerie with super absorbent pads sewn in.

When we trialled Wemoon for incontinence in a local aged care facility we were touched to hear that one of the elderly ladies loved the comfy feel of her Wemoon so much that she was very reluctant to take it off!

Just some feedback from a grateful customer. “I am an older woman and have had issues with incontinence for quite some time. Since buying  Wemoon pads some months ago, I no longer have the rashes the disposable pads used to give me.
Thank you.”   Maureen H,   Australia

Dear Susan, I’ve been using your excellent pads for more than a year, day & night, for slight incontinence: they stand up to daily washing and drying, with no sign of wearing out.
The material is gentle on fragile skin, and I felt like expressing my appreciation for something that is so good, it’s almost taken for granted! Thanks for such an excellent product. Margaret T, Australia

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