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My Story – Cycling with the Moon

by Susan Tanner

 Creative background.

 I was living a creative life as a dress designer, horticulturalist, mother, in places of natural beauty and power. A connection with the earth, our bodies and other women was important to me. A sense of purpose became clearer in Byron Bay as I joined women’s groups and heard their stories. I began creating and trying out cloth pads.

Decision point – diagnosis.

Soon after creating the cloth pads I was diagnosed with abnormal cells in my cervix. The choice was intrusive medical treatment or get in touch with what was really going on in my body. I chose to treat my cervix as a friend and listen to its needs. It meant letting go of shame and connecting to my body.

Wemoon becomes part of the transformation.

It was a time of personal transformation but also an opportunity for a bigger shift. Turning a clinical, taboo, polluting *process* into a monthly experience that encourages women to honour their bodies and the earth, and reminding them that the two are connected.

Women experience joy in choosing colours and patterns that are beautiful, symbolize power and spirit and give them choices to reflect their feminine mood. I used my skills to create comfortable, eco friendly products.

A natural part of life.

I knew that I had reached a place of acceptance and healing when I could put my hands in the water I used to soak my Wemoon pads. Seeing my own menstrual blood as a natural part of my cycle was very healing.

I developed a ritual of pouring the water onto the garden. The monthly cycle nourishing the earth.

I felt inspired to introduce more women to Wemoon.

In the beginning as a mum I worked at home sewing and developing the product.

Wemoon soon expanded to include a great team of women with pads sold in Australia and Overseas.

Listening to women’s needs developed the product range to include Light (panty liner), Slim, Maxi, Night, MoonPurse and MoonBag.

Wemoon today.

I have now been in business over 20 years, Wemoon is still Australian owned and made,

I’m inspired as over the years many mothers have passed down their knowledge and example of using Wemoon pads to their daughters. A new generation of young women are emerging who embrace their bodies and periods as a natural part of life.


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