Women’s resources from Wemoon

Women’s resources from WemoonWomans circle discussing Wemoon Natural Pads.

Welcome, and enjoy! We have collected together links and articles on menstruation, menstrual health, women’s health, our environment and much more. Click on a category below to see the entire list of resources available.

Menstruation & women’s health:

Discover lots more about menstruation; possible health hazards (e.g. chlorine-bleached tampons) and alternatives . . . Chart your fertility cycles, or look into health concerns like endometriosis and yeast infections. From menarche through menopause, there’s plenty to explore . . .

Women’s wisdom:

Taking a positive approach to menstruation and womanhood, women all over the world have their say; tune in to women’s musings and deep wisdom and learn how to honour your cycles and yourself. Launchpad links to anything from eco-feminism to wild witch magic . . .

Earth-friendly living:

Links to other companies which, like Wemoon, help protect our valuable planet from pollution and waste. From natural cleaning products for your Wemoon pads, to healthy herbals and organics . . .


Respecting our cycles: Explores how our negative cultural attitudes to menstruation impacts (especially young) women’s self-esteem.

Why switch from disposables

The health benefits of using cloth menstrual pads.

Recyclable pads – an environmental choice

Tips for making the switch to cloth


Self-Empowerment Workshops: Narelle of Healing via Nature conduct self-empowerment products and workshops on the Gold Coast to help you reach your potential – visit their website and join the mail list to be invited to free educational ‘Energy Evenings’!

Healthy Women: Healthy living, pregnancy and parenting, midlife and beyond and women’s community.

The Museum of Menstruation: The only Museum of Menstruation in the world, with historical as well as updated information on menstruation.

Wise Woman Business: Menstrual Cycle and Fertility Awareness Education.

Menopause Metamorphosis: Susun Weed’s Wise Woman Bazaar includes much menopausal wisdom.

The Cycles Page: Track your monthly menstruation and ovulation cycles.

MyMonthlyCycles: Free software tools to track your menstrual cycle, plus breast self-examination and more.

Endometriosis: Online clinic for diagnosis, treatment and education of women with endometriosis. Free literature and newsletter available.

Heather Bruce: Articles, books and products to enrich your life, your family, your births and your children

Lunar Tunes: Moon Diary and Moon Cycle Calendar bring you the world of lunar lore, moon stories and ideas for a simple but powerful ritual.

Natural Parenting: Practical alternatives for parents and prospective mums.

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