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If you placed your order from within Australia you can expect to receive it within approximately 1 to 2 weeks. If you placed your order from elsewhere in the world, you can expect to receive it within 2 to 4 weeks.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex & PayPal

Yes! We currently ship Wemoon products all over the world. Postage charges are different within and outside Australia. The correct postage will be added to your shopping cart based on the shipping address given during the checkout process.

International Postage – You will pay the overseas freight charge to us and will then responsible to pay any import duty or sales tax within your own country. 

We are confident of the quality of our products but should you experience any problem with any of your Wemoon purchases, or if they do not measure up to your expectations, please let us know as soon as possible and we will happily refund your money or exchange the product for up to 90 days from the date of purchase.
We do ask that before you use Wemoon pads for the first time, please wash and try just one pad to ensure they meet your needs. If you wish to return or exchange them, keep the one you used and send the unopened pads back to us for a full refund.

To order from us please click on the word SHOP in the list at the top of the page. This will take you to our on-line shop front and you can see the full Wemoon range listed. Click on the type of pad that you want to purchase and then you will see all the fabric choices available. Find the colour or pattern that you want to buy. Now select from the drop down menu next to your choice which size you need and type in the number of pads in that size and fabric and press ‘add to cart’. You can now move around the shop selecting more pads or accessories from the Wemoon range. When you are finished you simply click on Checkout and you will be guided to our secure area to enter your credit card details.

Wemoons dry a lot faster if you spin dry them in the washing machine. Even if you are hand-washing, we suggest you put them into a final spin cycle before hanging them out to dry. They usually dry within 2–3 hours in the sun.

Many of our customers have reported that their pads are still in really good condition after five years.

Wemoon washable pads are Australian made by country women in Northern NSW.

Slim medium are the best sellers.

If you soak or wash your pads immediately after wearing, staining will not be a problem. However, as this is not always possible, and for those days when blood dries before you can wash the pads, Use stain-removing soap, then give a little scrub with some added water before soaking and washing.

Full instructions on use and care can be found here as well as on the packet of every Wemoon pad.

These are our suggestions:

Before first using your new pads:

  •  remove sanitary pad from cellophane wrapper
  •  wash separately with detergent in warm water before use
  •  line or tumble dry

After use:

  •  soak pads for a few hours or overnight in cool water.
  •  squeeze excess water from pads and feed to garden or pot plants.
  •  use stain-removing soap if required.
  •  wash pads by hand or on any machine cycle with other clothes.
  •  line or warm tumble dry.
  •  Optional: add a few drops of water soluble eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil in pre-soak or machine wash

4 easy steps:

  place pad label-side down on inside of panty gusset

  align lengthwise along panty gusset

  fold wings around outside of panty gusset to meet underneath

  clip press-studs together

Wemoon pads have an absorbent core that is made from a mixture of natural and manmade fibre which holds up to 10 x its own weight.  The leak proof layer is made from the latest environmental fabric technology, it is a manmade fabric that breathes and has no PVC.


The average woman uses 2-4 a day. Change wemoon menstrual pads as often as a disposable pad.

If you can’t find the answer to your query please contact us at Wemoon

 How can I use Wemoon when I’m often out and about?

Easy! With a Wemoon MoonPurse, you can use one pocket for fresh pads, and the other for used. The waterproof lining ensures hygienic protection from leakage. Simply fold the used pad in two (blood inwards) until you get home to soak and/or wash. Alternatively you can simply fold the pad into itself and re-fasten the snap as in the diagram for another handy way to transport fresh or used pads

How to fold a wemoon reusable sanitary pad



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