How to choose the right pads for you

How to choose the right pads for you

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Wemoon light panty shield reusable sanitary pad is perfect for light incontinence.

Ultra-light panty liner for everyday comfort, light flow, spotting, daily discharge and mild incontinence.
Super-slim, 20cm (7.75″) pad acts just like an extra absorbent lining in your panties.
Adjustable sewn-in snap fastener on stretch cotton jersey and flannelette gives you a snug fit.
Lights are a must-have for everyday comfort – you’ll hardly feel them!


Small – 20cm (7.75″)
Medium – 24cm (9.5″)
Large – 27cm (10.75″)

For average flow, gives you breathable, leak-free protection all day long.

adjustable 2-snap fastener gives a great fit into narrow or wider panty gussets.

flexible lengths mold to your natural curves.

super absorbent core and leak-proof layer is built into an “all-in one”
non-bulky pad.


For heavy, extra-heavy, sudden or overnight menstrual flow, post-partum flow and incontinence.
Reliable double absorbency core and built-in leak proof layer keeps you secure.
Extra length – 27cm (10.75″) larger size, cushy pad for maximum protection
Fun print designs and colours in cotton flannelette, organic cotton or cool cotton jersey.


Perfect for nighttime’s, heavy flows, incontinence and as a comforting postpartum pad, in a fitted, contoured, extra length pad with elasticised edges, held in place with side elastics.
Three different sizes in pad length (small, medium & large) provide a snug panty-like fit.

A quick guide in Australian sizes:

  • Small –  8 – 10
  • Medium 12 – 14
  • Large 14 – 16+

Adjustable side elastics allow you to create the perfect fit for any size and shape.
Have a good night sleep knowing that your sheets will be clean in the morning.
Cosy, plush 100% cotton flannelette and 100% cotton jersey.

Not just a pad …Wemoon’s washable period panty is the ultimate in padded underwear. In fact it is too sexy to be called padded underwear – we call it our fitted lingerie pad!

We agree, nothing is worse than a bunched up wad of synthetic pads chafing your most vulnerable parts! One of the greatest things about Wemoon pads is that the natural fabrics maintain the shape of the pad and are so soft and comfortable. Most of our larger and taller customers choose Slims in medium or large, depending on their preferred length from back to front of the crotch area. We call our regular flow pad Slims because of the slimness of their design—not because they are “skinny or skimpy”! We also recommend the Maxi which has the extra length of a Slim pad in large. Maxi is good choice for heavier days, its double absorbency core definitely won’t bunch up and it is a “perfect fit” for “perfect-sized” larger women!

Wemoon pads such as our best-selling Slim Medium pad is the standard length and width of most pads measuring 24cm or 9.5” in length. For more petite women like yourself, we recommend our Slim in size small which is a regular flow pad measuring 20 cm or 8” in length. Our smaller or younger customer love our Slims in small which mold to your natural shape and look great under even close-fitting clothes. Lights are also a favourite of younger and petite women wanting a smaller, snug fit for a light menstrual flow.

As women can be so different, Wemoon’s range of pads is designed to perform for every size, shape and flow rate— along with styles, fabric and colour choices to nurture your womanhood.

We recommend a combination of pads for different times throughout your

cycle; for instance, you may wear a Slim Medium pad during the day, then a Large at night, tapering off to a Small at the end of your cycle.

If you bleed very heavily, you can choose a Maxi pad, with double absorbency core. Even if your flow is fairly light, you may prefer the extra length of a Large pad or the sexy, feminine Night pad for overnight use, when you are asleep. And of course, for those times in between, you can always try Lights, Wemoon’s cloth panty liner.

Browse our store to view Wemoon styles and accessories and to choose the pad that suits you best.

For further assistance with choosing a pad or combination of pads, please contact us with your question.


Nights —gorgeous period panties

Are you fed up having to change your sheets and deal with difficult stains because your pads have leaked overnight? Do you still want to feel feminine and gorgeous even on the heaviest days of your period? These were common concerns so we designed the Wemoon solution—Nights!

Wemoon’s washable period panty

Nights are the ultimate padded underwear—gorgeous, comfortable and colourful, with a slim but super-absorbent padded gusset that handles absolutely any flow. Padded underwear never looked this good!

Night Pads are snug and contoured with elasticised edges and extra fitted pad length that catches any flow, even when lying down. And the special touch—removable, adjustable side elastics for a perfect fit for every woman. Nights are available in 100% cotton flannelette & 100% cotton jersey.

Choosing your size in Nights

Nights come in three different pad lengths—small, medium and large. But the real convenience comes in the adjustable side elastics that can be removed and used with different Nights. Each pad comes with removable elastics in same size as the pad but you can order different elastics to suit your size and preferences.

Here’s how to choose the right Nights for you:

Step 1: First of all, choose a pad length. This is really personal preference, because even if you are quite petite, you may prefer the Large Pad Length for maximum protection. Larger women may also choose a smaller pad length, if they prefer to wear their Night pad lower on the hips. Use a tape measure to see where the pad length you have chosen will sit on your body.

Wemoon night Pad size chart

Step 2: Now, measure around your hip area at the point where you expect the Nights to rise up to on your body. If the hip measurement of the size you have chosen matches your own hip measurement then the side elastic that comes with your Nights will be a perfect fit for you. If however the hip measurement of the size you have chosen is too large, then you will need to order an extra pair of smaller side elastics. If the hip measurement of the size you have chosen is too small, you will need to order a larger set of side elastics.

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