Why Switch

Switching from disposables?.

Why would I want to switch from disposables?

We find women have four main reasons for wanting to make the switch from disposable feminine hygiene products: concern for their own health, concern for the well-being of our environment, a desire to save money and a desire to reconnect with their innate body wisdom.

Are Wemoon pads as absorbent as ‘disposables’?

Yes, if not more so, but for hygiene’s sake do remember to change them as often as you would disposables.

 Will the leakproof laminate layer in Wemoons affect breathability?

The waterproof laminate in Wemoon pads represents the latest in environmental technology. The laminate is a completely leakproof biodegradable synthetic that allows air flow, so your skin can breathe.

Caring for your body.

Using Wemoon pads you care for your body by letting your skin breathe and allowing your blood to flow naturally. Natural cloth pads protect your most delicate parts unlike irritating paper-based products with synthetic plastic backings. Many Wemoon users report improvements in their menstrual cycle, with lighter blood flow and shorter periods.

Caring for the environment.  

Then there are the environmental considerations. Just think about the waste—all the pads and tampons you use each month and the packaging (wrappers, applicators, boxes) all ends up in a landfill. A disposable product is used once; a Wemoon pad may be used for years! … read more

Saving money.

Wemoon pads also save you money. Even if you start by purchasing enough to get you through half your cycle, wash them twice and supplement with your current product you will start saving money right away. Reusable pads are actually cheaper than disposables over time. This is good news for women with heavy flows who really benefit, as they are not wasting money on disposables but simply recycling their pads throughout their cycle… see the figures

Celebrating your feminine nature.

And then there are women who realise that their attitude to menstruation—this natural and life affirming part of being a woman—has been affected by a cultural conditioning in our age. For these women the switch to cloth is part of a healing journey of exploration, acceptance and understanding of the unique qualities of their feminine nature.

Why choose Wemoon Cloth Pads?

With a super absorbent core and special leakproof layer Wemoon cloth pads are soft, comfortable and convenient. The “All-in-One” design of Wemoon pads means there are no liners to change. The pad simply fits over the inside of your panties. Wemoon natural cloth pads are just as reliable and efficient as ‘disposable’ pads, without the waste, or harm to your body or the earth. Not to mention the benefits on your budget!

By caring for yourself with wemoon cloth pads you:

  •    protect your most delicate parts from exposure to chemical gels and plastics .. read more
  •   allow your blood to flow naturally .. read more
  •   let your skin breathe .. read more
  •   feel secure knowing that your pads are where you need them—in your drawer not at the store

Wemoon users report improvements in their menstrual cycle, with lighter blood flow and shorter periods.. read more about health benefits.

Wemoon combines ancient feminine wisdom with the latest available technology to produce a completely comfortable and reliable menstrual pad ~ one that you can enjoy using knowing you are protecting both yourself and our planet.. read more about protecting the environment

Empower yourself and show that you care about your health and our environment by choosing Wemoon: the ultimate in effective easy-wear / easy-care, beautiful, washable pads.

Switch to Wemoon at the shop now.

Indulge yourself — it’s naturally good.


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