Wemoon The Original All in one Slimline Washable Pads

An eco friendly & sustainable pad for you.

Whats in a Wemoon The Original All in one Slimline Washable Pads


Our Mission Wemoon understands the importance of respecting our bodies and cycles. To share our vision for a better health of women and of the earth. We encourage women to discover the empowerment of healthy periods by choice. The Wemoon range of beautiful feminine hygiene products offers this choice. A healthy alternative to disposable sanitary products. Wemoon ® offers you glorious comfort and absolute absorbency in reusable cloth menstrual pads. Whatever your size, shape or protection needs, there are gorgeous styles, colours and fabrics just for you! Wemoon is the healthy, natural alternative to toxic disposable sanitary products. Choosing cloth saves you money and lets you take care of your health and the earth every month! Wemoon The Original All-in-one Slimline Washable Pads

Wemoon is women caring about women.
 reusable sanitary pads Australian made & ownedWemoon uses plant based cellophane & recycled paper packaging for the reusable menstrual products.

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